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The Assertive Way


The Assertive Way course collection is a complex, multi-dimensional approach to Assertiveness Training that contains information, strategies, and techniques that can help you on your journey toward effective communication, optimized emotion management, healthy habits, and improved social relationships.

Assertiveness is the complex ability to think, emotionally react and act in a way that is Non-passive and Non-aggressive.

A person whose thoughts and actions are guided by the assertive principles is able to openly express his/her opinions, feelings, needs, and desires and act in accordance with his/her own objectives and goals while at the same time respecting the opinions, feelings, needs, desires, objectives, and goals of others.


It can be considered simultaneously A Set of Skills, A Communication Style and A Type of Behavior.

Effective Personal Development strategies address all of these dimensions and generate an integrated result.

In the courses included in The Assertive Way collection, we simultaneously address thinking patterns, the understanding of how these patterns shape our emotions and ultimately, how to project these inner events into observable behaviors, such as verbal and non-verbal communication and the overall management of social relationships.


Become more independent in your thinking, your emotions and your social interactions. Boost Confidence and Self-esteem.

Step-By-Step Strategy to deal with Criticism and protect your Self-confidence and Self-esteem.

Learn how to transform criticism into opportunity and protect your self-confidence and self-esteem levels.

Step-By-Step Strategy to Deliver Helpful Negative Feedback. Boost your Social Impact Factor.

Learn how to make your critical opinions count in the social environment.